THE ACADEMIC BOARD The Academic Board is charged with the organization and superintendence of instruction, examination, lectures, classes, curricular, and promotion of research in the Polytechnic. It is equally responsible for admission, discipline and graduation of students. As set out in section 15(2) of the Law No. 8,, 2013, membership of the Academic Board comprises the following:
  1. The Rector who shall be the Chairperson;
  2. Deputy Rector(s)
  3. All academic staff with rank of the Director
  4. Deans of Schools and heads of Departments.
  5. The Registrar is the Secretary of the Academic Board.
Functions of the Academic Board As the supreme academic organ of the Polytechnic, the Academic Board performs the following function:
  1. Prescribe the curricular and rules of discipline, subject to the approval of the Council;
  2. Fix the requirement for admission to the Polytechnic, as well as for graduation and conferring of diplomas and certificates subject to review by the Council;
  • Recommend students or other to be recipients of diplomas or certificates, to exercise disciplinary control over students, subject to the approval of Council, within the limits prescribed by the rules of discipline;
  1. Make recommendations to the Council in connection with matters referred to it by the Council or which the Academic Board considers necessary in the interest of the Polytechnic;
  2. Submit to the Council such reports in connection with the functions of the Academic Board as the Council may require;
  3. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the rules and regulations
1. Rector Chairman
2. Deputy Rector Member
3. The Polytechnic Librarian Member
4. HOD Accountancy Member
5. HOD Banking and Finance Member
6. HOD Business Administration & Management Member
7. HOD Marketing Member
8. HOD Public Administration Member
9. HOD Office Technology and Management Member
10. HOD Liberal Studies Member
11. HOD Pre-ND Business Studies Member
12. HOD Pre-ND Science & Technology Member
13. HOD Architectural Technology Member
14. HOD Building Technology Member
15. HOD Quantity Surveying Member
16. HOD Civil Engineering Technology Member
17. HOD Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology Member
18. HOD Mechanical Engineering Technology Member
19. HOD Hospitality Management Member
20. HOD Computer Science Member
21. HOD Food Technology Member
22. HOD Maths & Statistics Member
23. HOD Science Laboratory Technology Member
24. Director Consultancy Services Unit Member
25. Two Nos. Academic Staff Representatives Member
26. Registrar Secretary
 The Academic Board is responsible for:
  1. The direction and Management of academic matters of the Polytechnic including the regulation of admission of students, the award of certificates and diplomas, scholarships, prizes and other academic
  2. Reporting to the Council, periodically on such academic matters as the Academic Board may think fit or as the Council may delegate to
  3. The discharge of any other functions which the Council may delegate to