Academic Manuscript Draft

This is Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) Intervention programme, aimed at encouraging academic staff to author and publish books in order to add value to body of knowledge. In this area, the Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda through TETFund intervention have sponsored over Thirteen no books and manuscripts development, and more are still on the pipeline.

The mode of operandi for the intervention program is for the interested and hardworking academic staff to write a book in the area relevant to the course taught in a tertiary institution, obtain ISBN number from the National library and the relevant forward from the National library and the relevant forward from preferable a more senior academician and expert in the area. The manuscript is then assessed by the research and publication committee for onward transmission to Tertiary education trust fund for sponsorship of its publication. The published text book normally carries TETFund logo in order to manifest the funds support. Published books are expected to be distributed to National library, states library, universities, polytechnics and colleges of education across the country. The TETFund an periodic visit, confirm from the directorate the efficient utilization of the already approved amounts. It is to be stressed at this juncture that academic manuscript development has over the years helps in sharing knowledge, intellectual exchanges, and grassroot development.

Equipment Fabrication

Equipment fabrication is another tertiary education trust fund (TeTFund) intervention program aimed at encouraging innovation, creativity, fabrication and intellectual ingenuity. It is sad to say that since inception, the polytechnic is yet to access this line of infrastructure. Most of the scholars that have applied in the past, had their work rejected on the ground that it does not confirm with what was expected. However, the directorate had taken this challenge by going to TETFund headquarters, interacts with desk officer, got the expected formats, returned to the Institution and educate those scholars whose work had just been submitted. They did the required correction and a favourable outcome is still been awaited.